Startup Resources During #Covid19

I believe that the US will have more Covid19 cases than China. Its a byproduct of a country passively watching this across the seas for a month before taking it seriously. Now hard decisions are being made and more will be made in the next few weeks. Time to get over it and make smart choices (I found a video of the states reacting to covid below).

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First thing to do is take in a big breath, hold, and release. Second thing to do is to stay home (here are some ideas for the weekend). Third thing is to get on Zoom and keep building, selling, and connecting.

I’m being lazy and just aggregating resources that any founder can take advantage of during this time. My unsolicited advice is to stay motivated, keep your team on schedules just as if you were in the office, and sell. Sell, sell, sell. Monitor your burn rate, cash on balance sheet, MRR and realistic needs that have to be met before bankruptcy happens. Then sell, sell, sell.

Keep your mind sharp. Stay motivated. One thing I’m doing is essentially competing with my wife every morning on our runs. She’ll choose a route and the fastest time wins. Use Strava for that. Or compete with your Peloton bikes.

And stay inside.

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