Zooming Data

I found out that on #zoom you can download your usage data. Below are my own personally scheduled meetings from April (which does not include others scheduling on my calendar).

On average the duration was 31.1 minutes with a median time of 29.5. On average the number of participants was 4.6 and median participants of 3. Additionally, I had ~3x the bookings on my calendar from other schedulders, than myself scheduling. For example, on 4/1 I scheduled two personally, but had an additional three others booked on my calendar. It does fluctuate.

This makes me curious as to the amount of meetings I have which are (1) only for conversing, (2) for collaboration on a project and working together during the meeting, and (3) the amount of time I spend on video vs. hands-on-keyboard and producing content. For example, would I be more productive on days where I have less meetings, as I then can focus on building a model or creating a deck; or perhaps when I have more calls and am then meeting new companies and people?

Looking forward to seeing this month’s data in a few weeks.

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