Venture Partner w/ Republic

I’m happy to finally be able to announce that I’m a proud venture partner in cohort 4 with Republic. VP4.

Link here.

Republic has a mission to democratize investing, regardless of how much free floating money is in your bank account. You can go to their platform and cast a vote with your own dollars across a number of founders trying to disrupt business models. Investing in private startups can be done with as little as $10 given Reg CF.

Really interesting business model with a cool mission. I personally like this and other crowdfunding platforms given how the accredited investing rule keeps a majority of individuals out of private investing – a place where wealth can be generated (and has been). This is only compounded given the fact that companies are staying private longer (5 years vs ~10 now), as well as returns from these companies when they do IPO. Also, it’s just fun.

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