I’ll be blogging about my experience through the On Deck program. Yesterday was the first kickoff session. So far it seems like we’ll get out what we put in. As always in life, networking is a large aspect and vitally important both in and out of work.

I view this program as a progression in learning. Traditionally you go to school for the first twenty years of your life, and then are simply done. But over the past decade it has changed or at least began to. For example, universities are creating week long subject deep dives, MOOCs are no longer a new thing, and now cohort based learning is gaining ground.

I view On Deck as cohort based learning.

Taken from ODFintech1

What On Deck (ODFintech1) are creating is an environment where likeminded individuals (they filter and approve following application submission, recommendation, and interview) come together. Over the next eight weeks the program will be bringing industry experts to teach both soft and hard skills. Additionally, they will provide opportunities for all participants to connect and grow.

I can imagine the group they picked will do things together: hire each other, start a company or two, invest or co-invest, or just become connected. To date I met a self-employed trader, a PM from Coinbase, four founders, a VC a growth investor, and then two that ran ops at differing fintech companies. It’s worth noting that I am not the only corporate venture investor in the group.

One item I will share is a networking tool they used which was pretty cool, called Gatheround. Whether you’re looking to do something internally at work, or with a group of friends for fun, I recommend you check it out.

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