Navigating Termsheets

Termsheets are (1) used by founders raising capital and (2) investors looking to deploy capital. Most all termsheets are different in some slight way (unless you're using a SAFE or KISS note), they usually require lawyers, and all are time-consuming where neither party usually gets 100% of what they want. For a founder, it's about obtaining capital without giving… Continue reading Navigating Termsheets

Effective Non-Executive Directors

There are a lot of books to read and classes to take for being a good Non-Executive Director (NED) across most any company and industry. It’s impossible to write one small blog about the ‘best’ things to do, but here are some essentials to being different and hopefully a great value-add NED. This is a… Continue reading Effective Non-Executive Directors

Startups & Optimal Boards

The first response to this is the grad school saying of, "it depends" (your evergreen, go-to scapegoat answer). But getting to a realistic answer is that 'it depends' on your stage and structure. The below information is tailored to the startup and not non-executive director (NED), which I'll address in another post. What is important… Continue reading Startups & Optimal Boards