First Virtual FinTech Conference

I attended my first fully virtual fintech conference two weeks ago.  It was spread across two days and was split into two, four hour blocks with breakout sessions and 1:1 meetings.  I wanted to pass a fact (or trend) that I took away from each day, as well as one from a founder I spoke… Continue reading First Virtual FinTech Conference

Machine learning for the enterprise

Where should we expect there to be disruption in the next 5 years, and specifically across enterprise-grade machine learning? Additionally, what areas will companies likely focus on building, and what will be acquired by large incumbents? To understand this, we need to know where we are currently and what we have accomplished to date. Currently,… Continue reading Machine learning for the enterprise

Equitable Algorithms: Examining Ways to Reduce AI Bias in Financial Services

The U.S. House has had a few data and machine learning specialists (including DJ Patil) over the past week come and testify. One of these testimony's is of Rayid Ghani on equitable algorithms. The paper is pretty straight forward, pragmatic, and good ground work. The post is here. A synopsis (from the paper): Moving Forward… Continue reading Equitable Algorithms: Examining Ways to Reduce AI Bias in Financial Services

Transforming Paradigms

I recently took part in some work that was done in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, the University of Cambridge, Invesco and EY. The output is a great piece of work, focusing on 'A Global AI in Financial Services.' The report and executive summary can also be found here: A blog post on the… Continue reading Transforming Paradigms

SuperSQLite, TFX, Series A Investing

Tools of the week: SuperSQLite: A feature-packed Python package and for utilizing SQLite in Python by Plasticity. Ggstance: ggstance implements horizontal versions of common ggplot2 Geoms, Stats, and Positions. TFX: (tensorflow) TFX components interact with a ML Metadata backend that keeps a record of component runs, input and output artifacts, and runtime configuration. Reads of… Continue reading SuperSQLite, TFX, Series A Investing

DeepMind, Linear Algebra, Cypress

Cerebras is now out of stealthmode (with VC money behind them), the startup released their flagship product this week, the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE). The WSE claims to perform AI calculations between 100 to 1,000 times faster than other alternative products. The size of the WSE is also something to behold, as its larger than an iPad… Continue reading DeepMind, Linear Algebra, Cypress