The Shift In Financial Advisor Tech

There's an interesting startup -> scaleup company trend happening in the financial advisor (FA) space. With it we're going to start and see more pre-growth to growth stage companies becoming integrators and offering bespoke products that will be acquired early in their journey to growth. On the flip side, there will be less single product… Continue reading The Shift In Financial Advisor Tech

Successful Startup Ecosystems

It's important to know the environment you're scanning when building a company or looking to invest in one. When targeting companies for investments or partnerships (venture capital to corporate development), the concentration needs to hit a certain threshold for you to either spend time in that geography or to take it a step further and… Continue reading Successful Startup Ecosystems

SuperSQLite, TFX, Series A Investing

Tools of the week: SuperSQLite: A feature-packed Python package and for utilizing SQLite in Python by Plasticity. Ggstance: ggstance implements horizontal versions of common ggplot2 Geoms, Stats, and Positions. TFX: (tensorflow) TFX components interact with a ML Metadata backend that keeps a record of component runs, input and output artifacts, and runtime configuration. Reads of… Continue reading SuperSQLite, TFX, Series A Investing

DeepMind, Linear Algebra, Cypress

Cerebras is now out of stealthmode (with VC money behind them), the startup released their flagship product this week, the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE). The WSE claims to perform AI calculations between 100 to 1,000 times faster than other alternative products. The size of the WSE is also something to behold, as its larger than an iPad… Continue reading DeepMind, Linear Algebra, Cypress