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About Me

Welcome to my blog. I put this together to have a place to draft notes, observations, or write about anything I’d like. I find writing to be slightly cathartic. What I blog about are my interests. Sometimes I put effort into the post, and sometimes very little is put into it. So you may come across a few happy grammatical accidents. Below is more about me and my background.

I like flat and collaborative organizations that allow individuals to produce a ‘product,’ whatever that is. I am highly critical of myself and seek to improve if gaps appear. I believe it’s essential for people to do this and continue progressing, learning, and bettering themselves year after year. I love to work with individuals who are fast-moving, intuitive, open to wild ideas (but critical), optimistic, and intelligent in creative ways.

I relax by spending time with my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Australian Heeler, and wife outside of work. My passions in the summer are rock climbing, running, hiking, mountain biking, skydiving (this one is without the dogs), some camping, and I ski as much as humanly possible in the winter.

During my professional career(s), I’ve been fortunate enough to work and live in Europe, the Middle East, and the West and East Coast of the US. If I could retire now, I’d be living full-time in Tahoe or some beautiful mountain town. In the summers, I’d be a (self-proclaimed) craft beer critic and mountaineering guide, children’s ski instructor in the winter, and full-time angel investor regardless of the season. Lastly, I’d ditch my iPhone and get a Nokia 6010 to ensure I disconnect and become exceptional at the game Snake.

My Background

Financial Services Corporate Development

These days I’m at a crypto exchange focusing on M&A and strategic investments. Broad stroke emerging technologies interest me the most. I specialize in software for both retail and institutional investing, as well as the application of digital assets across all sectors. In my past I was fortunate enough to work in product teams for machine learning, federated learning, and cloud infrastructure. Before my current role, I was also part of CorpDev teams at traditional financial services firms focusing on ecosystem development, venture investments, acquisitions, divestures, and general corporate strategy.

Venture Partner, Startup Mentor, Advisor, and SME

Fintech Fellow at OnDeck’s ODF1. Venture Partner @ Republic. Active mentor with Techstars, Outlier Ventures, Startupbootcamp, Stacks, London & Partners, and MassChallenge. Previously an SME for the World Economic Forum in FinServices AI. And lastly, I was involved with the European Commission on Horizon 2020.

BioTech Startup Operator

Joined as employee #2 at a biotech startup in Cambridge, leading operations. 

United States Marine

I was a United States Marine during the Iraq war, serving multiple tours across the Middle East, operating with and in special teams.

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Anything on this site is strictly my own opinions with no affiliations, sponsorships, or connections to any employer. Lastly, please do reach out if you think there are areas to collaborate on, projects to brainstorm for, or advice wanted – you can email me directly or message through LinkedIn (+ subscribe above) 🚀