Hope to see you all for this week’s FinTech Friday with @billie_simmons_ & @thebestrob of @joindaylight (LGBT+)” with @i_vp, @cokiehasiotis, @Jane_Barratt, @tek_fin, and the Fintech Fridays crew. Mar 12 at 11:00 AM EST on @joinclubhouse. Join us!

Link here.

Daylight is a super interesting business. Their slogan is that they’re a digital bank being built for the LGBT+ community, by the LGBT+ community. The team all identify as LGBT+. Founded by Rob Curtis and Billie Simmons, both met at a Google’s Out in Tech panel.

But it’s not exclusive. Anyone can use it. Their product is the same across the board. The largest caveat is they’re building a Safe Space functions to interact with. Powered through Marqeta, they’ve got a prepaid Visa card, are FDIC insured, and have a few functionalities which allow your chosen name to be listed on the cards. Their Community (Safe Space) allows you to share your goals, get authentic advice, access content that are tailored towards important money matters, and connect with coaches.

The LGBT+ community has $1T in spending power, yet it’s noted by Daylight that 53% of the community struggles to maintain regular savings. Daylight is building to bridge this gap.

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