Floor NFTs

Floor NFTs is a young company led by Chris Madden. Chris has a background in both Fintech and Martech. Being an early employee at Venmo, he spent two years researching how social + money work together. Currently the Co-founder of Button, he works in Fintech by day, and crypto by night. Chris is also on the board of The Block.

NFTs came across his radar when friends of his started to make money off them. It took time for him learn. He experimented by setting up trades, deciding what network to use, and what types of NFTs to buy. Through this, Chris became part of multiple communities and took a deep dive into building Floor NFTs. Chris started building Floor NFTs in the open. The first day he started was through a post in Discord.

Floor NFTs lets you (i) see your NFTs in one place and (ii) what they are worth. Floor NFTs allows users to interact with their NFTs. The project plan is to build and transport each users NFTs across all platforms. What Chris and the team do not want to build is a company providing the deepest analytics, trading, or a place for minting. He believes it is necessary to have clear and cut lines when it comes to the products development, as the generation of current NFT traders view their holdings as part of their identity.

His product roadmap over the next year will be focused on:

  • Capturing all NFTs (Solana, Coinbase, Kraken, OpenSea) to aggregate on platform.
  • Identifying and integrating the correct data sources to have the most up to date information.
  • Client outreach; so far it is only word of mouth. He believes that in a years time, community management will likely be necessary.
  • Building a client connection team; they currently speak deeply via 1:1 sessions on each project if they want their company to participate with the them.

It’s important to understand that NFTs separates ownership from possession. There are a lot of parallels from the art world. For example, it’s highly likely that an owner of a Picasso will put that art in cold storage, out of the U.S., then get a copy of that painting made to hang in their own home. Chris believes that the same argument can be made for NFTs, where someone owns the rights to the code, but anyone can have the ‘picture’ reproduced and placed where they want. Yet there is still only one owner.

Lastly, Chris mentioned that if you want to dip your toes into NFTs, go the Phantom wallet route via Solana. You can experiment with $100 and then get ready for Ethereum transactions.

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